How to Interpret Tongues

I was asked this question recently by one of our Partners/Members and I thought it was a great question. Enjoy.

How do we interpret our speaking in tongues?  I am seeking an answer to a problem. Thank you.

Interpretation of Tongues is a gift of the Spirit listed in the nine gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12. It operates like all the other gifts, by faith and as the Spirit wills. These 9 gifts don’t operate like the gift of the speaking in tongues or praying in tongues that we all receive when we are filled. Those words we can speak at anytime and all the time – He is always giving the utterance in an unending stream.

The gift of Tongues and Interpretation of Tongues in Chapter 12 are different.  They are distinct “gifts of the Spirit” just like a gift of healing or a word of wisdom. Therefore, the interpretation itself or the ability to interpret a tongue is a gift of the Spirit and is given, as He wills. Vs.11

The bible does say though, Pray that you may interpret. So, it is certainly available to us. I like to read that verse in this way: Pray, in a way that, ye may interpret. What do I mean by, in a way? I mean pray, In tongues, in a way, long enough and with the right kind of fervency, that your mind goes quiet and you know, when the things (that He gives) come floating up out or your spirit. You’ll know when you’re there. It’s a wonderful thing.

The gift of interpretation of tongues will usually operate when you are in the spirit – speaking in Tongues, ministering in the Spirit to others, etc. But, because this gift is given as He wills, we can’t just make it happen or work it like we do with “Speaking in Tongues as a prayer language” which we can work any time we desire. There’s a distinct difference. With our prayer language, He’s always giving us the utterance and ability to speak in other tongues we can do it right now.

As you are speaking in tongues (if the gift of Interpretation of Tongues is to begin operating in you) a knowing comes upon you. An inward knowing that says, “hey, that’s an interpretable tongue.” Somehow the tongue seemed different to you, something about it was weightier, it sounded different to your ear and inner-man and you recognized it was interpretable. That’s the beginning of the gift! That’s the unction that you are looking for to take the next step forward, which is to speak out the interpretation, by faith. You say, how do you do that? You won’t know how to do THAT until you first have the unction first.

When you have the unction or knowing – that it is an interpretable tongue – then you must step out and speak in faith, that which is given to you. Usually, it will be just a word or two and as you speak those words out in faith more words will come. This is what happens in services where a person “has” the gift of interpretation of tongues.

It can and does happen though in our everyday lives.

Example. One time I was under duress concerning a car I owned. It was nearing the end of its useful life and I needed to do something. I didn’t have the money to just buy a new one.  I really didn’t want to borrow money. I only had a few days to make something happen and I had people depending on me. God what am I going to do? What am I going to do? You know the situation.
So as I’m driving this car praying in tongues and asking God what am I going to do? All of a sudden my tongues changed, they sounded different, it was kind of like I was listening to them as an observer, rather than just speaking them forth like I always do, if that makes sense. 
Then I had the knowing that they were “interpretable tongues” so I took the next step and spoke out in faith that which came to me (out of my spirit by the Holy Spirit). “You won’t need to take out a loan. I have provided a car for you.”
Well, those words comforted me in that situation and caused a new faith to come on me not to worry but wait for the miracle. I had my answer!
A few days later a friend of my wife’s old school mate called and said they had a car that the lord had put on their heart to sow to us, if we would just drive down and pick it up. Glory to God!

Things like that do happen, just not all the time. And you can’t make it happen. If we could we would.

For every time I’ve had that kind of thing has happened to me, I’ve had a hundred just as miraculous things happen this way…
A better way. Or should I say a more common and every day way to know and get answers to problems.

BTW, if you don’t have the book, “How you can be led by the Spirit of God” by Kenneth E Hagin, I recommend it highly. I try to read through it at least once a year. I’ll quote a bit here for you.

pg.12 “I have learned through these many, many years. In every crisis of life I have learned to look to my spirit inside me. I have learned to pray in other tongues. While I am praying in other tongues, guidance comes up from inside me. This is because my spirit is active. My body is not active, my mind (my soul) is not active, but my spirit is active, and it is through my spirit that God is going to guide me. Sometimes I interpret what I am praying in tongues, and through the interpretation I receive light and guidance. But most of the time, that is not so. Most of the time, just while I am praying in tongues, from somewhere way down inside, I can sense something rise up in me, It begins to take shape and form. I cannot tell anyone mentally how I know it, because my understanding has nothing to do with it. But I know on the inside of me what to do.” Kenneth E. Hagin    ———–

I like to say this, Speaking in tongues is like taking a bucket and lowering it down into the well of your spirit. Speaking draws it up and out! (The answer you need or seek is in there.) As you continue speaking in tongues you draw out everything you need to succeed. The answer. The solution.

I have found – time and time again – that, while I am speaking in other tongues, revelation comes up. Or a word of knowledge. Or another gift of the Spirit will take form and manifest. In any case, the answer comes up in that bucket with the living water.

I put it this way, “if, every day, you were drawing water out of a well with a bucket and rope, every day, every day. Same bucket, same rope. Wouldn’t you know if something else came up in that bucket?” “Hey, what’s this shoe doing in my bucket, what’s this answer doing in my bucket?” It’s just like that.
Instead of just more water, your answer came out, too!– many times in the form of an interpretation of tongues, but more often simply just a “knowing” that you have what you were praying for and that it is taken care of. God moved on you behalf.
But, my main point here is that it came out of the same place, the same well.Praying in tongues helps us to not only locate where this well is, but also where these answers come from. And draws them out.

Heres an article I wrote on the subject, “Out of the Belly” 
“The answer you seek will come out of your mouth.”

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I hope this helped.