How to Receive the Holy Ghost and Speak in Tongues (step by step)

How to receive the Holy Ghost and speak with other tongues (step by step). In this Video we will walk YOU through it. By the end of this message you will be able to “Speak with other tongues” and magnify God. Blessings. A.J.Hemstrought

From the text: “The purpose of this message is to have you meet the Holy Ghost as God and to begin to speak as He gives you utterance–which would be in other tongues. If you listen, by the end of this message that’s where you will be–receiving and speaking. Those of you who are hoping to be “filled with the Holy Spirit” and begin to “speak with other tongues”, stay tuned, we are going to walk you through the entire process, and by the end of this message you will have received.”

How to Receive the Holy Ghost and Speak in Tongues: Audio Only

You have to LOVE Speaking in Tongues

THIS is THAT which WAS SPOKEN! –This is the pattern of how the Holy Ghost does things. Wouldn’t it be good to know HOW the Holy Ghost (Who is God in the earth today) does things? If you can learn how He does things, you can get into agreement with Him and have Him do things for you. When you start enjoying speaking in other tongues that’s when things come to you. You have to LOVE speaking in other tongues! I love the Holy Ghost, and speaking in tongues is one of the greatest joys of my life. A.J.Hemstrought

You have to… LOVE Speaking in Tongues (audio only)

Faith for Speaking with Tongues

This message will increase your faith in speaking with other tongues. Power will come after the speaking. Speaking with other tongues is God’s foremost method for you to have his will done in your life. It was His idea. It was His plan. In order for the Holy Ghost to do anything in the earth He must speak words. In order for Him to do anything in your life you must speak His words. Build your faith in Speaking with other Tongues. A J Hemstrought

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The Power of Speaking in Tongues
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