Full Immersion into the Holy Ghost Dispensation

How to have full immersion in the Holy Ghost dispensation today? Worship Him as God. It’ll change your theology. It’ll change what you think about God. It’ll change how you live in the earth. It’ll change how you wake up in the morning. Who do you wake up and walk with in the morning? The Holy Ghost! Holy Ghost Worship changes everything! A.J.Hemstrought

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The Ministry of the Prophet

The Ministry and Office of the Prophet
5 part series by A.J.Hemstrought

“It may seem like you’re floundering where you are at. That’s because you are supposed to! You’re not supposed to be where you are at. You’re supposed to be in a different place.
You’re supposed to be at a higher place. So, you are going to have to listen with the ears of your spirit; and the voice of the Lord will begin to talk to you; and begin to lift you up; and begin to put you as the person you are supposed to be; and begin to put you into the place you are called to be – from the foundation of the earth. God has made a way for you. God has set a place for you. God has put a position for you and you need to begin moving in that direction and begin to occupy it; and stand there; and be strong in the Spirit; and be the voice of victory in the place and position of authority that you are supposed to be in.”

Part One: How to Partner with the Office
Part Two: Benefiting from the Anointing
Part Three: Imparting and Teaching, (Impar-Teaching)
Part Four: Becoming Partners
Part Five: The Mouthpiece of God

Rich Preachers

The richest people in the world have been preachers. Sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true. Preachers are by definition speakers of God’s word. Preachers of righteousness are those who speak about being in right-standing with God. It’s a great group to be in. May you join our ranks! A.J.Hemstrought

Faith for Finances Series: Rich Preachers

The Everyday Working of Miracles

The Everyday Working of Miracles
“All things working together for good for you” is a function of the working of miracles. In order for this to work for you, the Holy Spirit must have the right words to work with. Learn how to make the Working of Miracles a reality in your everyday life. A.J.H.

Youth Renewal and Your Brain

Youth Renewal and Your Brain: by A.J.H
Youth renewal is a promise of God and it is something that He does for His people. Because your brain is part of your body and is therefor included and covered by this promise. Learn to say, “so be it unto me, and I call the youth of my brain renewed.”

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