The Highway of Holiness – Higher, Faster, Better

The Highway of Holiness – Higher, Faster, Better
A three message series by Andrew J. Hemstrought

Disc One: The Highway

Disc Two: It’s Not What You Think

Disc Three: Worship the Beauty of Holiness

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What About Jesus?

What about Jesus? Oftentimes when we talk about the Holy Ghost so much people think we forgot about Jesus, don’t believe in him, or that we don’t consider him important. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus’ life and ministry brought us to this logical conclusion of Holy Ghost Worship, the “Holy Ghost Only” faith, and walking with the Holy Ghost as God in the earth today. Nothing pleases him more.

6 Reasons for Healing and Health

Here are six reasons why every Society person should expect the Holy Ghost to heal their sicknesses and diseases.

(1) Because God used to heal the sick as “Jehovah-rapha” (the Lord our Healer), and He is “the same yesterday and today and forever.”

(2) Because Christ died on the cross to atone for our sicknesses just as He died to atone for our sins.

(3) Because all sickness is the result of Satan’s work, when he introduced sin into this world, and “Christ was manifested to destroy the work of the Devil.”

(4) Because the very same Holy Ghost is in the Society today who did all of Christ’s miracles, and all of Paul’s miracles; and the very same Holy Spirit who raised Christ from the dead. Since this is true, why should we not expect Him to still heal the sick?

(5) Because of Christ’s last great commission in Mark 16: 17,18, and because of His direct command in James 5: 14, 15 to pray in faith for the sick.

(6) Because of His marvelous promises, the fulfillment of which depends altogether upon the exercise of our own faith.

If you will continue to feed on these six scriptural reasons and let them go down deep into your heart, you will be able to act on them and you will receive deliverance and healing from any and every sickness and disease past present and future. Healing belongs to us.

Each of these reasons, as well as many others, are covered in greater detail elsewhere on this blog. Enjoy.