How to Receive the Holy Ghost and Speak in Tongues (step by step)

How to receive the Holy Ghost and speak with other tongues (step by step). In this Video we will walk YOU through it. By the end of this message you will be able to “Speak with other tongues” and magnify God. Blessings. A.J.Hemstrought

From the text: “The purpose of this message is to have you meet the Holy Ghost as God and to begin to speak as He gives you utterance

Unveiling the Holy Ghost

“Unveiling the Holy Ghost” series by A.J.Hemstrought

Disc One – Knowing this First!

Disc Two – From Liberty to Liberty…

Disc Three – Greater Works because…

Why We Worship the Holy Ghost

Why We Worship the Holy Ghost
#1 – He is God

#2 – He is the One Jesus Sent

#3 – It is His Dispensation

#4 – Because of the Benefits

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