We Walk with God by Saying Words – text

We Walk with God by Saying Words – by A. J. Hemstrought

Taste and see… if I put the Word of God in my mouth, then I will see it happen. If I do not put it in my mouth, I am never going to see it happen.

We are selling a particular kind of knowledge here, knowing the Holy Ghost as God, and how to walk with Him.

If He is God, and He is in the earth (and of course we have many messages available on how He is God, and that He is in the earth) how we walk with Him becomes important. If He is God in the earth, and we do not know how to walk with Him… what good would that be?

The number one way we walk with Him is by saying words. Did you know that? The number one way you walk with the Holy Ghost (who is God in the earth today) is by opening your mouth and saying words.

Sometimes you have to return to the basics, because a lot of people do not know the basics.

Amos 3:3 says