Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Holy Ghost Only?

Answer: Holy Ghost Only is a “faith” that believes in the Holy Ghost as the Only part of the Godhead (Father, Son, Holy Ghost) active in the earth today. We worship Him, follow Him, and walk with Him by speaking His words.  >Video

Q. How do I know if I am “Holy Ghost Only?”

Answer: You can know if you are of the “Holy Ghost Only” faith by answering a few simple questions:  >Video
1. Do you believe what Jesus said? “When I depart I will send Another.” John 16:7 | Yes.
2. Did Jesus depart? | Yes.
3. Did He send the Another (the Holy Ghost)? | Yes. Acts 2:1-4
4. Has Jesus returned yet? | No.
5. Where is Jesus now? | Heaven.
6. Where is the Father now? | Heaven.
7. Who is God in the earth today? | The Holy Ghost.
Then you are, “Holy Ghost Only.”
Now you simply need to meet Him and learn how to walk with Him in the earth today.

Q. What is a “Society” person?

Answer: The “Society” person is one who knows the Holy Ghost as God in the earth today, walks with the Holy Ghost, and profits by this relationship. The Society itself is: a discipline, a lifestyle, a method, a science, and a religion of walking with God (the Holy Ghost) by speaking words.  >Video

Q. What are the benefits of “the Society.”

Answer:  Firstly, you get to know the True and Living God who is active and alive in the earth today. Secondly, you will benefit greatly through your relationship with Him.  >Video
Here are a few of those benefits:
1. Increased ability to do things
2. Increased intelligence
3. Soundness of mind and freedom from all fear
4. Deliverance from all evil
5. Prosperity and Wealth
6. Business acumen and wisdom
7. Healing and health
8. Renewing of youth
9. Increased attractiveness
10. Will not see death
11. Increased position in the world to come
12. Translated like Enoch

Q. How do we walk with the Holy Ghost?

Answer: By Speaking Words! “The Society” walks with the Holy Ghost (in all that Jesus bought and paid for) by speaking in agreement with His words.  >Video

Acts 2:39 He is The Promise.
2 Corinthians 1:20 All the Promises in him are Yes and A-men.
Amos 3:3 We walk together by being in agreement (saying the same thing).z

Therefore we walk with the Holy Ghost by speaking the promises.

Q. What does it mean to have the scriptures “Weighted Toward” the Holy Ghost?

Answer: In light of this age being the dispensation of the Holy Ghost and Him being the only member of the Godhead active in the earth today, all scriptures, not pertaining directly to the Father or the Son, are weighted toward the Holy Ghost being the One speaking. >Video

Q. What about Jesus?

Answer: Jesus’ life and ministry brought us to this very conclusion–becoming a temple of the Holy Ghost and worshiping Him as God in the earth today.

Q. What about the sinner? Should they worship the Holy Ghost?

What about the sinner? Should they worship the Holy Ghost? Emphatically, Yes!
When anyone reaches out to the Holy Ghost, via the vehicle of worship, God begins to move on their behalf. Acts 10. It is the correct footing for everyone to begin on, especially “Society Members.”

Q. How do I get more faith?

Answer: Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Romans 10:17  In order to get more faith you need to be hearing the Word more. One of the best ways to hear the Word is to speak it yourself. This will begin what is called the Faith Feedback Loop.

Q. Are you a cult?

Answer: No, but you may be interested to know that most of Christianity is. Christianity is a Jesus Cult. The Latin word for worship is CULTUS. It’s where we derive the word cult from. How is Christianity a cult? By failing to fully receive “The Another” that Jesus sent (The Holy Ghost as a Person) and by attempting to keep Jesus in a place he no longer can occupy (on Earth), the church has unwittingly propagated cult-like doctrines that keep people in bondage. It is only through the proper recognition of the Holy Ghost as God in the earth today, receiving Him and worshiping Him that will deliver Christians from this cult-like bondage of corruption and set them free into the glorious liberty of the children of God.
Where the Spirit is Lord, there is liberty. 2 Corinthians 3:17

Please stay tuned we are adding question with answers every week. Thank you.

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