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I pray and believe for my partners EVERY DAY. My confession and expectation is for you to be healed and living in Divine health, prosperous and living in Divine wealth, and fulfilling everything you are called to fulfill.

Partner Services:

Partners are people and churches who support Brother Hemstrought financially and in prayer on a monthly basis.

A partner supports the outreach of this ministry with a $25 a month offering and receives regular ministry updates, instant access to all new sermon series offers,... as well as the many other more valuable benefits of being associated with the "Prophets Anointing and Reward."

We ask you to become a partner with us today.
Andrew Hemstrought Ministries
360 Ferry Rd
Saco, ME 04072

Andrew Hemstrought Ministries is a part of the Metropolitan Holy Ghost Society

Ministry Affiliations:
Dr. Ed Dufresne
/Kenneth Copeland / Kenneth E. Hagin /Lester Sumrall / Keith Moore / Charles Capps / Norvel Hayes / Jerry Savelle / Reinhard Bonnke / Richard Roberts / Rodney Howard-Browne / Mac Hammond / Andrew Wommack / Frederick K. C. Price / Dr. Leroy Thompson / Happy Caldwell / Tony & Patsy Cameneti / Rick Renner / Jim Kaseman
/ Mark Brazee / Joel Siegel / Kevin & Ann Durant

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My Partners are Millionaires or People that are going to be Millionaires or greater. - Hemstrought