Faith for Speaking with Tongues

This message will increase your faith in speaking with other tongues. Power will come after the speaking. Speaking with other tongues is God’s foremost method for you to have his will done in your life. It was His idea. It was His plan. In order for the Holy Ghost to do anything in the earth He must speak words. In order for Him to do anything in your life you must speak His words. Build your faith in Speaking with other Tongues. A J Hemstrought

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Enoch and the Last Days Church

Enoch and the Last Days Church
6 Part Series by A.J.Hemstrought
Enoch’s life was a prophesy of the Last Days Church. If we are to fulfill what God is calling us to in this last of days here on earth, we are going to look a lot like Enoch did. This archived series was a pivotal point in the formation of the Metropolitan Holy Ghost Society and much of our doctrine became influenced by the revelations contained herein. Enjoy.

Enoch 101 – Type of the Last Days Church

Enoch 102 – Initiated part one

Enoch 103 – Initiated part two

Enoch 104 – Testimony of Faith

Enoch 105 – The Holy Ghost Society

Enoch 106 – The New Leisure Class

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Faith to Translate

Faith to Translate: A three part series, by A.J.Hemstrought, on how to go from faith to faith and glory to glory… to GLORY!
CD One: From Faith to Faith

CD Two: From Glory to Glory

CD Three: Crossing Over – Enoch Style

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Unveiling the Holy Ghost

“Unveiling the Holy Ghost” series by A.J.Hemstrought

Disc One – Knowing this First!

Disc Two – From Liberty to Liberty…

Disc Three – Greater Works because…

God’s Great Grace Includes Prosperity

God’s great grace includes prosperity. If it’s His will for you to be a great and generous giver, and it is. It’s something He said He loved. (2Cor.9:7) It must also be His will and plan for you to have an abundance of things from which to give. You can’t give what you don’t have. Both the having and the giving are great graces that come from Him. A.J.Hemstrought

Gaming the Kingdom

What if you woke up in a world (much like a video game) and you had to learn how to survive and thrive! Like it or not, you are in such a “game world” where it’s you and the Holy Ghost in the earth and you get to obtain promises, overcome obstacles, accomplish tasks, and complete missions. Learning how to effectively play “the game” with the right rules, tools, and techniques will make all the difference in whether you win or loose. Learn the rules, acquire the tools, develop your faith, and WIN!