Our Purpose and Mission

“Our mission is to get you to know the Holy Ghost as God in the earth today, and teach you how to walk with Him.”  A.J.Hemstrought

The Holy Ghost is God in the earth today and you walk with Him by saying words – speaking in agreement with His words. It doesn’t matter who you are. It doesn’t matter if you are Catholic. It doesn’t matter if you are Protestant. It doesn’t matter if you are Orthodox. It doesn’t matter if you are Anglican. It doesn’t matter if you are Baptist. It doesn’t matter if you are: Southern Baptist, Nazarene, Pentecostal, Pentecostal Holiness, Word of Faith, Evangelical, Methodist, Calvinist, Mennonite, Presbyterian, Reformed, Anabaptist, Mennonite, Amish, Quaker, Assemblies of God, Church of God, Messianic, Full Gospel, Charismatic, Apostolic, Seventh Day Adventist, Non-denominational, Independent, Life Church, Rock Church, New Life Church, or a New Life Family Faith Church, etc. 

The “Society” (the Metropolitan Holy Ghost Society) is for everyone! I’m not telling you that you have to leave your denomination or your church.

Our job here at the Society is to get you to know the Holy Ghost as God in the earth today and teach you how to walk with Him. That’s what we do. Every week we are bringing you something else that helps you to know the Holy Ghost, that He is God. You understand? He is God in the earth today. The Father is in heaven and Jesus is at His right hand and they both sent the Holy Ghost to be in the earth. And the Holy Ghost… He’s in the earth TODAY! So, our job is to get you to know Him as God in the earth today and to walk with Him.

You can be a “Society Member”, you can belong to “the Society” and listen to these messages if you are any one of those various denominations – listed above. It doesn’t matter what your background, church, or denomination is. The realization has to come to you that the Holy Ghost is the Living God and that He is in the earth and how I get to walk with Him – by saying words. Our job is to introduce you to the Person of the Holy Ghost and to teach you how to walk with Him.

We minister to people from all over the world and from all denominations and we introduce them to the Holy Ghost and how to walk with Him.

It’s a message who’s time has come. 

A Word of Encouragement

Dear Holy Ghost Worshiper,
Your situation is not unique. There seem to be people all over the earth who are hungry for God and have no one to walk them through the process – of Knowing Him and walking with Him. I have learned over the years that this journey is a personal one and more often than not we must stand alone. Yet, you are not alone. I am here. You are there, but each of us is divinely connected whether here or there by the Living Holy Spirit (Who is God in the earth today). I can pray for you right now and He will touch you. By the way, He is pleased by your pursuit of Him!
When I say, “I Worship You Holy Ghost”, believe me, I stand alone… Not one of my ministry friends preach this message of Holy Ghost Worship, and I’ve been in the ministry for 30 years. Yet, daily worshiping the Holy Ghost is one of the greatest joys of my life! In fact, I’ve made more “spiritual progress” in that “room of Holy Ghost Worship” than in any other one thing. Praying in tongues would be a very close second.
Learn to worship the Holy Ghost and pray in tongues every day. Make a priority out of it. I recommend at least one hour daily. As you spend time using the words “I Worship You Holy Ghost” and spend time speaking in other tongues you are getting to know Him as God in the earth today. He will lead you. He will fill you. He will completely CHANGE YOU and how you think! If I can help in any way let me know. My e-mail can be found on under contacts. I also recommend this series:
Entering the Room of Holy Ghost Worship
A. J. Hemstrought
2 Corinthians 3:17-18

You have to LOVE Speaking in Tongues

THIS is THAT which WAS SPOKEN! –This is the pattern of how the Holy Ghost does things. Wouldn’t it be good to know HOW the Holy Ghost (Who is God in the earth today) does things? If you can learn how He does things, you can get into agreement with Him and have Him do things for you. When you start enjoying speaking in other tongues that’s when things come to you. You have to LOVE speaking in other tongues! I love the Holy Ghost, and speaking in tongues is one of the greatest joys of my life. A.J.Hemstrought

You have to… LOVE Speaking in Tongues (audio only)

The Ministry of the Prophet

The Ministry and Office of the Prophet
5 part series by A.J.Hemstrought

“It may seem like you’re floundering where you are at. That’s because you are supposed to! You’re not supposed to be where you are at. You’re supposed to be in a different place.
You’re supposed to be at a higher place. So, you are going to have to listen with the ears of your spirit; and the voice of the Lord will begin to talk to you; and begin to lift you up; and begin to put you as the person you are supposed to be; and begin to put you into the place you are called to be – from the foundation of the earth. God has made a way for you. God has set a place for you. God has put a position for you and you need to begin moving in that direction and begin to occupy it; and stand there; and be strong in the Spirit; and be the voice of victory in the place and position of authority that you are supposed to be in.”

Part One: How to Partner with the Office
Part Two: Benefiting from the Anointing
Part Three: Imparting and Teaching, (Impar-Teaching)
Part Four: Becoming Partners
Part Five: The Mouthpiece of God

Faith for Speaking with Tongues

This message will increase your faith in speaking with other tongues. Power will come after the speaking. Speaking with other tongues is God’s foremost method for you to have his will done in your life. It was His idea. It was His plan. In order for the Holy Ghost to do anything in the earth He must speak words. In order for Him to do anything in your life you must speak His words. Build your faith in Speaking with other Tongues. A J Hemstrought

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Enoch and the Last Days Church

Enoch and the Last Days Church
6 Part Series by A.J.Hemstrought
Enoch’s life was a prophesy of the Last Days Church. If we are to fulfill what God is calling us to in this last of days here on earth, we are going to look a lot like Enoch did. This archived series was a pivotal point in the formation of the Metropolitan Holy Ghost Society and much of our doctrine became influenced by the revelations contained herein. Enjoy.

Enoch 101 – Type of the Last Days Church

Enoch 102 – Initiated part one

Enoch 103 – Initiated part two

Enoch 104 – Testimony of Faith

Enoch 105 – The Holy Ghost Society

Enoch 106 – The New Leisure Class

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Faith to Translate

Faith to Translate: A three part series, by A.J.Hemstrought, on how to go from faith to faith and glory to glory… to GLORY!
CD One: From Faith to Faith

CD Two: From Glory to Glory

CD Three: Crossing Over – Enoch Style

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