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MHGS recorded LIVE every Saturday Night 7pm EST(USA), 11pm GMT – members only

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6-1-19 Saturday Evening Service
Music and Message (Knowing the Creed)

5-25-19 Saturday Evening Service
Music and Message

5-11-19 Saturday Evening Service
Message: Worshiping the Person of the Holy Ghost – NOT HERESY

3-30-19 Saturday Evening Service
Message: I Want to Please God

Special Offer: 3 part series – Our Faith: The Holy Ghost and Speaking Words

3-9-19- Saturday Evening Service
Offering: Righteous, Healed, and Rich!
Message: Grace, a Power of the World to Come

3-2-19 Saturday Evening Service
Offering: Faith by Grace for Finances
How to Know the Will of God

2-23-19 Evening Service
Message-  In and Out of the Spirit, REAP!


2-16-19 Evening Service
Faith for Prosperity
Message-  Maintaining the BUZZ part 1


special offer: Youth Renewal and Your Brain