Holy Ghost Worship and the New Diversities of Operations


Disc One – Without THIS there is No THAT

Disc Two – Designed to Take You Someplace

Disc Three – Going Outside the Camp

Disc Four – Knowing God in the Earth Today

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Recent Audio Messages

Here are the newest audio messages from “The Society.”
Faith comes by hearing and hearing… Feed your faith!

Full Circle part three, The Law of No Sin Consciousness (3-28-16)

Full Circle part two, The End from the Beginning (3-20-16)

Serving God by speaking in tongues (2-28-16)

New System of Belief (2-28-16)

Ways that Holy Ghost Worship is Different from Christianity (2-21-16)

A New Religion (2-14-16)

Temple-As God Hath Said (2-7-16)

Full Circle (1-13-16)

Audio Series – He Speaks of Himself

He Speaks of Himself
In this 3 message series by Hemstrought takes you on a journey into the often mistranslated and misinterpreted verses of John 16 where most people get the false idea that the Holy Ghost won’t speak about Himself. This is required study for every Society member.

1. He Speaks of Himself

2. Whatsoever Comes to the Ears

3. He Glorifies Jesus

Audio Series – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about “the Society”
9 message series by Hemstrought

1. What is “Holy Ghost Only?”

2. How do I know if I’m “Holy Ghost Only?”

3. What is a “Society” person?

4. What are the benefits of “the Society?”

5. How do we walk with the Holy Ghost?

6. What does it mean to have the scriptures “Weighted Toward” the Holy Ghost?

7. What about Jesus?

8. Should sinners worship the Holy Ghost?

9. Are you a cult?