Angels and You

Angels, learning who they are, what they do, and how to work with them effectively is a large part of how we can be successful in the Kingdom of God. In this three part series we get you started.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

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Holy Ghost Worship and the New Diversities of Operations


Disc One – Without THIS there is No THAT

Disc Two – Designed to Take You Someplace

Disc Three – Going Outside the Camp

Disc Four – Knowing God in the Earth Today

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The Cult of Prosperity (so-called)

Disc One – Success in Any Field

Disc Two – No Small Thing

Disc Three – Of Fame and Fortune

Disc Four – A Temple of Wealth

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Crossover Powers

Crossover Powers
Disc One – IWYHG

Disc Two – Godlike Faith

Disc Three – Your Name

Disc Four – The Renewed Mind

Eat All You Want, as long as it’s water.

Fasting One: In that Day

Fasting Two: God’s Method

Fasting Three: What Fasting is Not

Fasting Four: We Preach Healing (fast)

Fasting Five: Foolishness of God

Fasting Six: Cleaning up the Temple