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I Predict a New Manifestation of the Spirit (11-20-16)

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Re-Writing the Old Code (11-6-16)

Full Circle – Audio Series


Part One: Full Circle

Part two: End from Beginning

Part three: the Law of No Sin Consciousness

Part four: Shall Not Die

Part five: the Doorway to Eden

Part six: Putting on Your Clothes

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Full Circle part three, The Law of No Sin Consciousness (3-28-16)

Full Circle part two, The End from the Beginning (3-20-16)

Serving God by speaking in tongues (2-28-16)

New System of Belief (2-28-16)

Ways that Holy Ghost Worship is Different from Christianity (2-21-16)

A New Religion (2-14-16)

Temple-As God Hath Said (2-7-16)

Full Circle (1-13-16)